Monday, 13 January 2014

Johannesburg January 9-12 and Dubai January 13


It was back to Benoni for another Core Training. Amy and I were here at St Dunstan's Cathedral for the first Godly Play Core Training in South Africa in July of 2012. At that time we put together a GP space using small chairs as shelves for the few stories Joan had made, This time we had more stories, brand new shelves and a second room!

Joan and the new shelves!

Building the circle.

As a parting gift each church represented got some 'people of God' made by Stan and Joan.

We had a successful training and accredited 24 new Godly Play practitioners for South Africa.

Sunday morning Andrew had the honour of preaching at the Cathedral. We celebrated The Baptism of our Lord and the sermon, among other things, focussed on the affirmation to be found in baptism when we, like Jesus at his baptism, are pronounced 'beloved'. The liturgy, however, had other things in mind with a strong penitential bent - a confession, the penitential section of The Great Litany, and the prayer of humble access! Reminded again that there are more messages on the average Sunday than those spoken from the pulpit.


Travelling from South Africa to India we had a layover in Dubai. There we experienced the gracious hospitality of one of Andrew's parishioners. Phil is an architect who lives and works in Dubai much of the time. It was a delight to be welcomed by him and to have a personal guide for our brief stay.

After a nap and a shower we headed out to explore. 

Amy and Phil on the 'Creek'.

Amy with her new friend.

At the Gold Market. Guess who left with some bling?! (Hint, not the guys in the picture.)

As it turns out the tallest structure in the world is no longer The CN Tower; it is The Burgh Kalifa in Dubai. We ventured towards the top but as it turns out the observation deck is not at, or near, the top. So Torontonians we can celebrate that we still have the world's highest observation deck!

Andrew at the top.

What is without debate, however, is that Dubai has the world's largest shopping mall. Complete with an aquarium.

 And also complete with some of our travel money!

On top of the world

And it's off to India for more training.

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