Saturday, 18 January 2014

Coonoor India, January 16-18

Well that was quite an experience! The default position for Godly Play trainers is one trainer per 12 participants over 3 days; and so on average around 24 participants per training for 2 trainers. For some time we had been told that there would be around 25 participants for this inaugural India training event. But just before arriving we were informed that there were up to 50 people coming and would that be alright?! Well clearly it would have to be alright and so we put our heads together and devised a plan. It involved breaking into two groups, creative time allocations, a lot of moving about, and 12 hour days for the trainers. But we made it happen and today we accredited 44 newly trained Godly Play practitioners for India.

The group photo

It was hard work, but it was also a delightful 3 days of storytelling, wondering and learning. We are confident that under the auspices of The India Sunday School Union and with the enthusiasm of these new Godly Players that Godly Play has a bright future in this part of the world.

And what a delight it is to be in India. One of our first tasks was to go to a local shop and deck ourselves out in Indian garb. As such Amy is now the owner of a couple of of Kurta and Salwar's and Andrew some Kurta as well. (If by chance you are Indian and reading this please forgive us if we have mis-identified!)

Blending in

And the food! Hot and spicy 3 times a day but our stomachs are bearing up and we have experienced many a culinary delight. Of particular note was a visit to a local tandoori stand- aptly named The Tandoori Hut. There we had an Egg Paratha which was one of the most delicious things we had ever tasted - absolutely exquisite. Upon returning to Toronto Andrew will make it a priority to find somewhere in the region that makes this very thing. 

The Tandoori Hut

Special thanks to Ajit Prasadam, the Executive Director of The ISSU, and to his wife Daisy - Ajit is the one with the vest and tie and Daisy the one with the red hair. We have been so well treated here, and, perhaps not surprisingly, we have fallen in love with India and Indians. As  it is with Godly Play we will be back to train some more and to train trainers. On the one hand we can't wait, on the other hand we look forward to the day when Godly Play India stands alone.

Tomorrow Andrew preaches at the local church. After that some welcome vacation time in various parts of India. Stay tuned. 

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