Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Coonoor India, January 14

We have arrived in Coonoor, the home of St Andrew Centre, the training facility for the India Sunday School Union - http://www.issuho.org/Pages/StAndrewCentre.aspx 

The drive here from Combiatore, the closest airport, was spectacular. We climbed and climbed into the Nilgiri Hills, also known as the Blue Mountains, which evokes both Southern Ontario and Australia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nilgiri_mountains 

Our home for the next 6 days is a lovely cottage set on the grounds. We were greeted with garlands and refreshments and were quite moved by the hospitality shown. But what we needed more than anything, after back-to-back overnight flights, was sleep. And sleep we did. Except now it is bedtime and I, Andrew, am wide awake!

Tomorrow we set up for the training and then Thursday through Sunday a Godly Play Core Accreditation for 46.

The Nilgiri Hills

File:Nilgiri Hills Tamil Nadu.jpg

Greeted with garlands.

Our cottage home.

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