Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January 19 Coonoor to Kochi

After church, lunch, and goodbyes on Sunday we made the long drive from Coonoor to Kochi. Andrew's research back in the contextual confines of Toronto suggested a 300km journey so what, maybe a 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 hour journey? Over 7 hours later we arrived. And all we can say is that an automobile journey in India is something that all should experience. Well maybe not all; if you are the least stressed out by traffic don't get into traffic in India, which pretty much means don't come to India.

For instance a car's horn must wear out before the brakes because they sure get used a lot more! Drivers honk their horn to indicate they want to pass another vehicle, they are passing another vehicle, or that they have passed another vehicle. That plus all the usual reason the rest of us honk horns. Indeed most trucks have a message on the back of the vehicle saying 'please honk'. What is interesting, however, is that the horn is seldom used in apparent anger. It is as if, when another vehicle cuts you off in a way that Canadians would find reprehensible and therefore the object of much horn honking, finger gesturing, and coarse language, the Indian driver shows some grudging respect for such a maneuver.

Where else would you run into an elephant on the road!

And braving the Autorickshaw.

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