Monday, 6 January 2014

Durban January 3-6

Sunday morning I, Andrew, was a guest at St John the Baptist Anglican Church in Durban South Africa. This was a special day in which the congregation welcomed a new Rector and his family. I was struck by the spirit of hopefulness and optimism in the air and the very real sense of accomplishment on the part of parish leaders who were clearly anticipating a new and renewed period of effective ministry. I was also struck by the reality that the way forward won't be without its challenges; the new Rector will disappoint some parishioners and others will disappoint him. But for today, all good!

And the worship was heavenly. There was much apologising that the organist and choir were on a break - and I'm sure the organist is a very fine organist and the choir of sound voice - but I found the music inspiring and moving. In the absence of the aforementioned the congregation would break into a-capella Zulu singing, including at the end of the sermon! The rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful had me practically weeping.

Sunday afternoon, across the street at the Methodist Church, we graduated 17 new accredited Godly Play practitioners. This was a quality group of individuals who will no doubt be instrumental in growing Godly Play in South Africa. Special thanks to Joan Truby who organised this training and will be heartened by the addition of many keen colleagues. Joan has laboured long and hard, and often alone, to see Godly Play established in this part of the world. And thanks also to The Rev'd Brenda Timmer who also helped organise and graciously hosted the event.

Special thanks also to Leigh and Stephen who generously invited us into their home during the training. Good food, drink, conversation, and company made the evenings a delight. 

Sunday night we checked into a hotel and are spending Monday on the beach. Our apologies to friends in Canada but today it is hot and sunny and we enjoyed a frolic in the Indian Ocean.

Tomorrow we fly to Johannesburg and then drive to Mahikeng for more training.

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  1. I'm a South African who moved to Ireland six years ago, discovered Godly Play less than three years ago, and I'm now working with a few others to establish Godly Play Ireland. So I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am to see Godly Play taking shape in South Africa! Good to see you're enjoying the beauties of South Africa, and I'll be following your journey with interest. Godly Players in Ireland will be praying for Godly Play in South Africa.