Friday, 24 January 2014

January 21-24 - Goa India

We arrived at Palolem Beach in Goa ready for some beach time but also with ideas of exploring old churches from Portuguese times and spice plantations. As it turned out beach time was all we were interested in. Four training's in three weeks was actually pretty tiring and so once we hit those deck chairs we didn't want to move. Nonetheless we did walk down the beach to take in a couple of boat rides. One was out into The Arabian Sea  to check out the dolphins, and another was up the river to check out the bird life. Otherwise it was laying in the sun, the occasional dip in the sea, the occasional walk on the beach, and eating and drinking and sleeping. Perfect.

Our beach.

Our beach hut home.

If you zoom in that's a dolphin fin in the middle of the picture. They are faster at swimming than Andrew is at shooting them - shooting as in taking a picture..

Amy, and Mr Lucky our river punter

Mr Lucky was throwing chicken gizzards into the river and at one point there was at least 50 eagles/kites feeding. It was all so fast and we were more interested in experiencing it than in filming it. (Well maybe we were interested in filming it but just not very good at filming it.)

 The Kingfishers we saw

The Kingfishers we drank.

And Amy had her nails, all her nails, done.

All in all a lovely break. And if you are ever in Goa be sure to go to Palolem Beach, and if you are ever at Palolem Beach be sure to stay at The Art Resort, and if you are ever at The Art Resort ask for Suni to look after you.

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